About Us

Renfold launched in 2012 with a clear vision of becoming the home of trend-led fashion with creative design, accessible quality and community at its core. This vision remains true today enabling us to become a trusted partner for leading retailers worldwide.

Operating from our West London headquarters, we have established nearly a dozen brands, including the ever-popular Chelsea Peers, our playful men’s beachwear brand Hunky Trunks and youth culture-inspired Urban Threads. We pride ourselves on our ranges of nightwear, swimwear and casualwear, and have recently expanded our creative expertise into loungewear and activewear.​

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We respect each and every person we work with and deploy inclusive values across our business. We’re agile; constantly evolving and adapting to the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry and always striving to learn and improve.​

Our Mission

We are committed to making better choices for the planet and our wider community.​​

​We strive to create an ecosystem to be proud of. As a result, we are committed to carefully considering the ethical, environmental and social implications of every business decision and integrating this thinking into our corporate strategy.​

This includes:

  1. Designing innovative Products our customers will love that utilise more sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes.
  2. Supporting the People that make up our business, as well as the communities around us. From establishing a common code of conduct and ethics within our global supply chain to supporting local community service and volunteering initiatives.​
  3. Minimising our footprint on the Planet which starts by achieving transparency around our choice of fabrics and supply chain partners.​

Our journey is ongoing; we are committed to reviewing, measuring and building on our objectives to drive our Mission forward.​

Our Range

Our product ranges span nightwear, loungewear, swimwear, activewear and​ accessories for women, men and children.​

We pride ourselves on offering inclusive sizing for women and men across many of our collections; women’s sizes range from a UK size 6 to 28 - as well as many styles in maternity fits; men’s sizes range from S to XXXL.​

Our collections include an ever-broadening range of the highest quality fabrics, from organic cotton, recycled polyester and modal. We’re also constantly exploring new printing techniques and finishes so we can continue to create the original designs and styles we are known for.​