We must set specific objectives in order to deliver on our mission of having a net positive impact across our Product, our People and the Planet.


Understanding and measuring our overall environmental footprint is an important part of our journey towards becoming a more sustainable fashion brand. We have used the UK government emission conversion factors (published in June 2023) to estimate the areas of our largest environmental impact which falls under Scope 3, Category 1 – Purchased goods and services. It also helped us to identify routes to reducing it.

​As a result, we have set ourselves the following targets for the year 2024-25:

  1. 86% of our polyester-based garments from the ranges currently planned will be made from GRS-certified recycled fibre vs. 64% last year; thus minimising the overall use of virgin polyester on a like for like basis.​

  2. 71% of our cotton-based ranges currently planned will be made from GOTS certified organic fibres vs. 65% last year.​

  3. Upon hitting the above targets, as well as introducing Lenzing TENCEL™ Modal, we will increase our percentage of recycled of more sustainable fabrics (internationally certified as sustainable or recycled-fibre based) within the currently planned ranges​ from 57% to 79%.​

  4. Finally, we are looking into trialing the full traceability of fibres by introducing​ digital product passports on our clothing tags for selected products.​


Outside of product manufacturing, transportation is another large area for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions within the retail industry.​

​In 2024-25 we are aiming to :

Continue offsetting all our carbon emissions for inbound product shipment through purchasing carbon credits.​

Find a reliable way of estimating GHG emissions for product transportation from our warehouse to end consumer and identify routes to manage it.​

Even though we only air-freighted 15% of our products in 2023-24, it represented 55% of our greenhouse gas emissions. By optimising our planning and critical path management, we aim to reduce the amount of product being shipped by air to 10%, which will result in a reduction of our overall carbon footprint.​


As a people-focused business, we believe our company is only as good as the impact we make on our wider community. We value everyone associated with Renfold, from our in-house team to our partners, suppliers, customers and other collaborators.​

To support this growing community, we have made the following commitments:

  1. Set up a Renfold foundation to provide community investment and environmental support.​

  2. Continue to service an inclusive group of customers with Curve and Maternity ranges across our nightwear, loungewear and bathrobe categories.​

  3. Continue to review and improve our employee benefits package including introducing new opportunities to team members.