We are committed to making a positive impact on the people who make up our business, from our in-house teams to our customers, external partners, suppliers and wider collaborators. As a result, we devote time and effort towards building a supportive environment and giving back through charitable initiatives.

Renfold Culture & Values

We are dedicated to supporting all the amazing people that work so hard behind the scenes to make our brands what they are today. Our people-focused approach guides everything we do and is reflected in our company values and behaviours.​​

  1. Respect - We respect each and every person we work with from in-house employees, to our customers, suppliers, partners and collaborators. We also deploy inclusive values across all areas of our business.​
  2. Agility - We’re always evolving and adapting to the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry from keeping up with trends to buying the latest more sustainable fabrics.​

  3. Innovation - There is never a moment we aren’t innovating our product, from intricately illustrating our hand-drawn prints to searching for a new swimwear fabric with the perfect stretch.​
  4. Simplicity - We don’t like to complicate matters, so if there’s a simpler approach, we’ll take it. From streamlining our communication processes to deploying a new supply chain system, simple is always better.​
  5. Collaboration - We take the time to listen and understand everyone that makes up our business to enhance our offering. From our in-house teams to our suppliers, advisors, partners and customers whose feedback we take onboard to improve and create new products.​

Community Service & Volunteering

In addition to supporting our employees and customers, we believe in the importance of giving back through charitable causes and volunteering initiatives.​

​Over the last five years, we have donated over 4,000 units of stock to the UK charity Smart Works to be sold and converted into much needed resources. The charity gives women the confidence to reach their full potential and secure employment.​

​During March 2022, for International Women’s Day, we raised £15,000 for Women’s Aid, a charity at the forefront of shaping and coordinating responses to domestic abuse.​

​As a team, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. In 2022, we participated in a beach cleanup hosted by the National Trust at East Head and The Marine Conservation Society. The team collected 9 kg of rubbish, which was mostly plastic waste found on the beach, dunes and shoreline.